I am the E. G. and Marianne Lassiter Professor of Art at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, where I’ve taught for over twenty years.  In addition to Painting, Drawing, and Design, I’ve taught courses in Art History and Appreciation, Media and Society, and one of my favorites, a freshman Introduction to Inquiry (i2i) course called “The Way of Love”. I prefer courses taught “in the cracks” between disciplines, off the well-worn thoroughfare, where learning and teaching are once again on a pioneering journey of discovery, scaling new heights, exploring new territory.

In addition to professorial duties at the college, I’ve taught a few private lessons over the years. When the situation seems right and I feel a sense of calling about the relationship, this sort of teaching rapidly moves from a private tutorial to a sort of mentoring, partnering, or collaborative learning relationship. These teaching opportunities are rare, but wonderful when they happen. Inevitably, such forms of teaching yield life-long friendships that defy professional definition.

Teaching has always been my way of life. As a young man I made a living for some time giving private piano lessons. After college graduation, I taught for a brief time in the public school system before accepting a graduate teaching assistantship at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Since then, I’ve taught at the college level for twenty-four years, for a time in upstate New York at Houghton College and Cattaraugus County Community College before coming to hold my current PC appointment.

For me, there is nothing quite as wonderful as a learning exchange with bright, engaged thinkers. My students make me a smarter man and I love them for it.

If you are interested in knowing more about my philosophy of teaching, my approach to particular disciplines, a list of recommended readings, my blog on teaching and education, finding an outline or syllabus for one of my courses or a list of links to internet sources I find valuable or interesting on various subjects, click on The Study. - (the site is under construction).